Walter AEC is hiring despite the COVID crisis!

Today Walter AEC d.o.o. officially invited the students that participated and successfully passed the test of “Revit Family Editor” to come to our office and receive the certificates of completion.

Our students, Eldina and Sanin, showed great curiosity and willingness to learn during this course, so we hired them. We showed them our office today and introduced them to the rest of the team that they will closely be working with from 01 October 2020.

We asked them few brief questions and here are their answers:

Why did you decide to participate in this course?

Eldina: “I decided to participate because I wanted to learn something new, improve my existing knowledge and gain experience. With all of this, I know I am increasing my chances for employment.”

Sanin: “I wanted to additionally improve my knowledge in 3D modeling and to learn to use new software, since all of this would help me get the job.”

What does the opportunity to start with the job immediately after this course mean to you?

Eldina: “For young engineers and students with no experience, this opportunity is of great importance, especially in the time of existential crises and I am very happy that I got this opportunity to learn and by passing the test obtain a ticket for employment in Walter AEC.”

Sanin: “New experience, knowledge and this acceptance is very important for engineers with no experience and I am very happy Walter AEC helped me get trained, tested and hired me.”

Have you heard of Walter before?

Eldina: “I heard about Walter AEC for the first time when I got the opportunity to do my internship as a student at the faculty.”

Sanin: “I heard about Walter AEC for the first time when I finished my faculty and started looking for a job. Precisely, my friend told me about this company.”

Walter Academy team is very proud of Sanin and Eldina and we wish them all the best in their future learning and work.

Walter Academy

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