Walter AEC is hiring again!

This time, we are in a need of engineers to work on development of Revit models based on Point Cloud data for our clients in Sweden, Germany, Holland, UK and USA. If you are excited about BIM technology as much as we are, you already have an intermediate knowledge in Revit and are looking for job with great benefits and opportunities, please send us your CV until 19 Oct 2020.

We will contact you immediately on the 19th of October to ask you to attend our Point Cloud course. If you successfully pass the test and show us that you are eager to learn and enthusiastic about BIM, not only that you will receive a Walter Certificate of Course Completion, but you might also be selected for a job in Walter.

The process of digital engineering is to move the focus from 2D drawings to a comprehensive 3D, 4D and 5D digital world.
Walter AEC supports the digital engineering process, and the employment of digital engineers.

The Point Cloud course is free and it starts on Monday, 19 Oct 2020. and will last one week + 3 days independent work on the final test. It will be held online via zoom from 14h to 16h.
This course is aimed at architects, civil engineers, MEP engineers, etc. wishing to gain an introduction into modelling in Autodesk Revit based on point cloud data and practical experience to confidentially start using the software in practice.
One of Walter Academy’s instructors will be leading the course using a combination of presentations, interactive sessions and work on real-life projects.
We will focus on using Autodesk Revit to tackle the challenges of Reality Capture – modelling “real life” forms with high accuracy, level of detail and necessary information content.
The requirements for this course are at least an intermediate knowledge of Revit, while engineering background, good spatial ability and modelling experience are recommended.

The Students who pass the final test will receive the Walter Academy Certificate of Completion. The students who completes the final test with best score will be invited for a job interview.

For applications, send us your CV to

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