Article 1

These General Terms and Conditions (“Rules”) govern the rights and obligations between “Walter d.o.o.” , Company for Design and Development of Information Technology Systems, headquartered in Sarajevo at Muhameda Kantardzica No. 3, as a certified Autodesk Educator or ATC (Autodesk Authorized Training Center, hereinafter “Educator”) and Student in order to ensure the quality of courses and educational services provided in accordance with the rules and quality standards prescribed by Autodesk, which in the final outcome will enable Student to acquire necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for achieving appropriate professional competences at the Academy in the organization of Educator, and obtaining the appropriate certificate after a successful completion of the course.

Educator has been established and operates in accordance with the Laws of BiH, and is engaged in the creation of BIM modeling, digitalization of architectural solutions and development of software for these jobs, and education in the field of BIM technologies.

Student is a person who, after accepting the General Terms and Conditions, will attend one of the courses related to Revit software, and with his/her consent confirms that he/she accepts all the conditions prescribed by this document.


Article 2

Student will not be discriminated against on any grounds regarding the choice of course and education, and in particular because of his/her religion, race, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, disability or any physical handicap, civil status and citizenship, source of income and material status, especially with regard to the right to enroll, the right to continue education and the right to study, the conditions for education and assessment of student results, access to free resources, treatment, and engagement, given in the form of employment opportunities at Educator.


Article 3

Autodesk education is conducted in one of the languages ​​of the constituent peoples of BiH and/or in English.


Article 4

Student acquires the status of a trainee by enrolling for the appropriate course according to his/her own choice, depending on the available seats and capacities, about which the final decision is made by Educator.

During the course, Student cannot switch from one course to another, except with the special approval and consent of Educator.


Article 5

Student status ceases with:

-successful completion of the course and obtaining the certificates;

-cancelling before the course completion. Cancelling before the end of the course is only justified if Student is not satisfied with the quality of the course. In this case, Student should submit the reasons for his dissatisfaction in the written form. Educator is obliged to remove the subject of Student’s dissatisfaction within 10 days. If Educator fails to do so, Student then acquires the right to quit the course (in this case Student is obliged to show that the reasons for dissatisfaction are not solved in a way promised);

-dismissal by Educator due to a non-payment for the education, Student’s absence or other reasons for which it is not possible to complete the started education.


Article 6

Educator commits to providing all conditions for the planned teaching process with all subject units, teaching modules and syllabus which Student enrolled for in accordance with the Autodesk guidelines.

Educator reserves the right to make minor changes in the timetable of planned activities due to the current availability of teaching staff. Students will be timely informed about any change in the schedule.

Current changes and adjustments of teaching activities will not change the curriculum structure related to the planned scope of education, but can change the time schedule of the teaching units.

Educator is obligated to provide the necessary equipment, computers, information and communication tools, licenses, as well as the necessary literature in accordance with the prescribed Autodesk quality standards for the implementation of the educational process.

Educator will perform the planned teaching and practical activities primarily at its headquarters, but in accordance with its needs and possibilities, by broadcasting the lectures from its premises using the distance learning system, as well as in the regional Internet distance learning centers, in accordance with Autodesk licenses and curricula.

For practical classes and for subjects whose character requires it, classes can be conducted at Educator’s headquarters and in places outside of its premises.

Autodesk is not responsible for the quality of education offered by Walter nor for rights and obligations between Educator and Student.


Article 7

Student has the right and the obligation to participate in courses with the highest level of commitment, and will use all his/her capacities in scientific research work and on professional projects of Educator, in order to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills with the greatest success.

Student is held responsible for any violation of the obligations prescribed by these Rules considering the principle of assumed guilt.


Article 8

Educator will assess Student’s workload based on the following parameters:

  • Total Student’s engagement per week
  • Number of classes
  • Course duration


Article 9

When enrolling for the course, Student is assigned certain obligatory parameters of his/her program. Student is obliged to go through and successfully fulfill all obligations, attend lectures and pay tuition, all in order to satisfy the prerequirements for the final exam.

The time and manner of realization of the planned teaching activities and other pedagogical methods, as well as taking the exams and evaluation of Student’s knowledge are determined according to the agreement between Student and Educator for each course separately.


Article 10

Student is obliged to pay for the educational and other intellectual services and/or services provided to Student by Educator in the amount and according to the conditions of the tuition offer that is delivered in the accompanying e-mail. The invoice for the tuition and other educational services is issued to Student when he/she enrolls for the course and/or pays the first installment or the total amount of education. The prices of invoiced services are adjusted in accordance with a separate agreement concluded with Autodesk and are subject to a special agreement between Student and Educator. Service prices are updated and set by the Educator.

Student pays directly for one-off services according to the needs of the educational process.

Fees for tuition and other educational services depend on the course Student has enrolled in, the amount of additional services, the license fee and other parameters and taxes. Student’s rights to education and obligations of the Educator shall commence on the day of the regular payment of the first installment or the total amount of the education fee.


Article 11

Student can split the tuition fee and/or other costs into installments in accordance with the agreement made with Educator.

If Student chooses to pay the obligations regarding tuition fees in the form of installments, he/she is obliged to pay aliquot amounts according to the dynamics designed in accordance with the agreement. The fulfillment of the obligation to pay the first installment is the condition for the course entrance. The fulfillment of the obligation to pay the middle and/or the last installment is a condition for obtaining the right to take the final exam and to access the knowledge test for achieving the certificate of successful completion of the course.

Student will not be allowed to take the exam on particular dates unless he/she has fulfilled the obligation to pay all the debts incurred before the scheduled exam date.

Student who is expelled from the course prior to the end of the course does not have the right to a refund of the previously paid tuition.


Article 12

Student is obliged to contact Educator in a written form in order to obtain discounts and privileges for financing the course, to pay tuition fees in installments or as deferred payment, or regarding exercising other rights based on the completion of the course.

Under a deferred payment, it is considered that an unemployed student and/or a student of the final year of university studies can get the opportunity to pay the course in three installments: the first installment in the amount of 40% before the start of the course, the second installment in the amount of 30% of the course tuition defined by Special Conditions, and the third installment in the amount of 30%, six months after completion of the course or when Student finds employment (if this happens earlier).

In order to exercise his/her right to a discount, deferred payment or payment in installments, it is necessary for Student to submit a CV, motivation letter and reference letter from a professor or a respected member of the community he/she graduated at, which proves that Student is a moral and ethical person who will fulfill all the obligations he/she has committed to by these Rules .

If Student finds a job during the course, he/she is obliged to inform Educator about this within 7 days from the date of finding the job and beginning of the employment, and fulfill the obligation to pay the last installment of the course (if he/she has been approved to split the payment into three installments).


Article 13

Educator will provide continuous monitoring over Student’s success in mastering individual subject units and evaluate the results of the overall Student’s work during the course.

Student acquires the right to take the final exam after fulfilling all the predefined obligations determined by the curriculum, effecting payment and satisfying other conditions prescribed by these General Terms and Conditions.


Article 14

All tests of Student’s knowledge are public and transparent. Student’s knowledge test is carried out in the manner and within a timeframe agreed between Educator and Student.


Article 15

Student is obliged to inform Educator about any invention, objects of industrial design or technical improvement that he/she has achieved as part of the course or in connection with the course.

Student is obliged to keep the information about the invention and/or industrial design objects as a business secret and must not release it to a third party without authorization.

If Student creates a copyright work while performing his tasks at the course or following Educator’s instructions, it is considered that all property copyrights have been transferred exclusively to Educator for a period of five years from the day of completion of such work.

Student will not have the copyright or other rights related to the work, materials, curricula he/she has received during the course, or anything else that was created with Educator for the duration of the course.

Educator can use images, video clips and other multimedia materials that include Student’s appearance, and are made at the premises of Educator, or in other areas where the teaching and scientific process is taking place, for educational, promotional and marketing purposes, without financial and other compensation for which Student gives Educator the approval by accepting these General Terms and Conditions, and Educator does not need any additional consent of Student.


Article 16

Student agrees that by accepting these General Terms and Conditions, he/she authorizes the Educator and/or the person he/she selects as a personal data controller to process his/her personal data including, but not limited to, all data obtained before and during the course, data obtained from the documents and materials transferred by Student into the possession of the Educator, as well as data obtained and stored by the competent authorities related to education.

Consent is given for the purpose of processing personal data for the entire duration of course, and for the time after education, so Educator can collect, store, download, delete, use, destroy data and/or make it available to Autodesk and its training centers, related parties, companies that Educator has concluded contracts with for the realization of which it is necessary to transfer the personal data, or to state authorities at their request.


Article 17

Student commits to keep everything that he/she finds out about Walter during the course, as a business secret and confidential information.

Business secret shall be any information for which it is obvious that it can cause significant damage to Educator if a third party gains possession of it.

Business secret and confidential information are in particular all the findings and information that Students receive during their education, at the place where education is conducted or in direct contact with other students, clients and third parties during the education period, and include all clients, records, computer programs, manuals, methods of work and intellectual property rights, business plans, structures, financial affairs, data on employees, suppliers, system information, operations, technologies, marketing products and sales plans, research and development activities, work processes, business secrets, designs or accumulated technical knowledge that are developed during the course or Student had a direct or indirect access to them.

All information is considered a business secret, except information considered public by the law (of course, knowledge acquired by the student while attending a course is not a business secret).

For any violation of obligations for the duration and/or after the completion of a course, Student will be obliged to pay contractual damages to the Educator in the amount equal to five course fees. This will not affect the right of Educator to request compensation for its material damages and profit loss resulting from a breach of Student’s obligations, in addition to the contractual penalty, if the damage to Educator is greater than the compensation for the possible contractual damages defined by these Rules.


Article 18

All other provisions and relations not regulated by these Rules, are directly governed by the applicable law, bylaws, internal acts of Educator, as well as other relevant positive regulations.


Article 19

Educator is authorized to make subsequent amendments to these Rules about which it will inform the student via e-mail or through the website Student is obliged to inform Educator about any change in his/her address, personal data or other information significant for continuation of his/her education within 7 days from the date of change of data or face harmful consequences.


Article 20

The Contracting Parties agree to settle any dispute arising from the interpretation or performance in connection with these General Terms and Conditions by mutual consent. In the event of a dispute, it will be subject to jurisdiction of the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo.


Article 21

Student declares that he/she has read and understood the Rules in their entirety, that he/she agrees with all the Rules set forth in these General Terms and Conditions, and that he/she agrees with all rights and obligations by his/her own free will, which is not based on delusion or under coercion, and that he/she will not deny them for any reason, and will confirm his/her acceptance of the Rules by clicking the checkbox that states “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” while registering on Walter Academy website.




Article 22

Webinars at Walter Academy are 2 hours long: the first hour is reserved for the instructor to introduce and explain the subject. The following 40 minutes are reserved for questions and answers. Students should ask questions in a written form during the presentation, and all the questions should relate to the topic of the webinar. During the time reserved for questions and answers, the instructor will be answering the questions one by one, so that the students who put questions first will also receive their answers first. It may happen that Instructor is not able to answer all the questions during the time period predicted for it. The last block of the webinars is reserved for a test. Each candidate will be required to pass a short test after the lesson is complete and achieve 85% or more on it, in order to get the Autodesk Certificate of Completion. If a student does not pass the test for the first time, she/he will be given a chance to retake it seven days later.


Article 23

In order for a student to access a webinar, it is necessary for him to sign the General Terms and Conditions that Walter Academy will send to him after registering for a course. After that she is in charge to pay the price for the course through online payment system of Walter Academy or via bank receipt and send the proof of payment.


Article 24

Student is obliged to use appropriate training equipment. The hardware and software specifications are provided on the following page:


Article 25

Student is required to install Revit 2018 on his computer and check if everything works properly before the online course start. Additional templates that students have to install on their computers are provided by instructor.


Article 26

Student is required to have a good Internet connection before the start of the course, and additionally ensure that they follow the course in a quiet room, without noise.


Article 27

Walter Academy is not responsible for any problems students may have with their hardwares, softwares, equipment, Internet, noise, and disturbances that can harm their full online presence at the webinars.