Spacemaker Certification

We are proud to announce that four of our employees successfully passed the exam and became certified in Spacemaker. We are among the first consultants in the world that earned such a recognizable certification!

 Spacemaker ( is the world’s first commercial platform that uses artificial intelligence to help architects, urban planners, and developers make better decisions faster. In November of last year, Autodesk purchased Spacemaker. As Autodesk stated, the acquisition of Spacemaker provides Autodesk with a powerful platform to drive modern, user-centric automation – powered by AI – and accelerate outcome-based design capabilities for architects. If you would like to learn more about this exciting acquisition, please follow the link: 

Spacemaker finds the optimal urban solution on a given site through comprehensive analysis. It offers a large number of potential possibilities as well as comparisons of certain solutions in a short period of time. In this way, Spacemaker has a leading position as a tool that makes it easier and faster to find a solution in a specific location. What designers do is input all the data in the platform and the system processes billions of possibilities returning detailed layouts of the best possible option. Spacemaker creates proposals that maximize the living qualities and density of a building site.

Walter has been providing services for Spacemaker for more than a year now. Our work for Spacemaker consists of two phases. 

The first phase is to simplify the existing models that need to be introduced in Spacemaker. Since Spacemaker supports a certain type of geometry depending on the program used, we very often do the simplification of the submitted models into a readable form for Spacemaker. It is important to emphasize that it is possible to draw certain solutions in Spacemaker directly, but in case the client already has architectural or urban models, or models that are demanding then it is easier to do a simplified version in one of the programs, such as Revit or Archicad.


                                                                                 Delivered model

                                                                                 Simplified model

Phase 1 – Examples of models simplification



The second phase of our work is directly in Spacemaker. We import a simplified model and run certain types of analysis. Depending on the task, sometimes it is creating a new project in Spacemaker and setting up a site with certain inputs that are important for a specific project. Adjustment of neighboring and existing buildings on the site, adjustment of noise sources, vegetation, site configuration are common parameters that we prepare for new proposals.



Phase 2 – Spacemaker Modeling

Spacemaker then rapidly tests many different alternatives. This allows users to easily optimize for the full potential of a site and at the same time ensure good living qualities, all while adhering to regulatory requirements and norms. In addition to being able to make a large number of new proposals and compare them to each other according to the qualities required, Spacemaker is programmed to offer a large number of solutions on a given site in the desired shape of new buildings with an option called “start study”. Qualities such as daylight, sun, and specific view are key in optimizing building heights through “height study”. The solutions offered by Spacemaker can also be modified, duplicated, repeated until the desired result is obtained. The Compare option offers a comparison of solutions that are interesting to us according to the criteria we have chosen such as geometry, light, noise, view, outdoor area, and wind.

Spacemaker offers a single space where architects, developers, consultants, and municipalities can work together effectively and efficiently. It enables architects, real-estate developers, and other stakeholders in the AEC industry to make data-driven decisions from the very moment a project begins. 

To continuously iterate on designs and to explore the boundaries of what is possible on a site. Spacemaker is the perfect assistant for planning teams. Assess up to 100 criteria in real-time, and efficiently perform feasibility studies. It offers more options for the sites than ever before.  Spacemaker analyzes, evaluates, and compares multiple site proposals simultaneously and continuously iterate, all in one fast and uninterrupted workflow. Keep your project on track, by spending less time analyzing, and more time creating.


Written by Damir Hodzic, the proud owner of Spacemaker certification

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