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We are honored to introduce one of our students, Mr. Ismar Lacevic, a founder and CEO of Digital Elephants and founder of TEDx Ferhadija. We asked him few questions about what he is working on as well as what he thinks of our Academy.

Could you, please, tell us what your company, Digital Elephants, core business is and name few of your favorite projects and/or clients?

The company’s core business is creating innovative solutions that help solve present problems and lacks of options in the local as well as the global markets. The main idea behind everything we do is to create products and services that save people’s time while using it. Favorite projects include the Yoga Chair Lalita, an appointment booking app called book.me which is currently in development. 

How did you hear about Walter Academy?

I heard about Walter Academy while speaking with Walter around other projects they do or have done that are kind of connected with the Academy. After that I got curious about the whole concept so I tried to inform myself more via social media and speaking with people. Ultimately Walter published a call for new students for the Academy with all the information.

Could you tell us what you think of BIM and in your opinion how important  is implementation of BIM in the AEC industry?

Even as a non AEC person I strongly believe that BIM is one of the greatest things that happened to the industry. BIM and everything that it includes makes the work and execution of projects for professionals so much easier. The software is intuitive, understandable, provides all necessary information, and the possibilities seem unlimited. As for the implementation of BIM in the AEC industry I believe that it is more than important due to two simple facts at least. One being that a lot of professionals in the AEC industry still cling on traditional values which in the current digital age makes them obsolete, work harder, and especially the demands of the clients are oriented more towards digital delivery of projects rather than traditional. The second fact is that BIM makes the tasks and workload much easier and even reduces resources needed for it. Let’s be fair, everybody likes to reduce resources for projects and still deliver the optimal project. BIM is doing exactly that.

How would you rate the Revit Architecture Basic course you attended at Walter Academy? Did this course satisfy your expectations and how much did it improve your professional skills?

As a company owner I understand that knowledge is often the one factor differentiating you from the competition when it comes to delivering results. Knowledge from books, education, experience and many more. In my professional career I confidently claim that I’ve never attended a course more interesting and engaging such as the Revit Architecture Basic course at Walter Academy. The information provided were coherent, precise and understandable even for a non AEC person. The lecturer, Mehmed Hodzic is beyond professional and skilled in his job and the knowledge I gained is worth for my whole career. The course exceeded my expectations by a lot even though they were high in the first place. When it comes to my professional skills they were improved and extended by a whole new field of work where I can expand. I believe the knowledge I gained with the Revit Architecture Basic course is solid, profound and by all means something I can build on. 

Is there something that you enjoyed the most while attending this course?

Apart from the knowledge gained which is vast I mostly enjoyed the classes per se. As previously mentioned the lecturer Mehmed Hodzic is a type of professional I certainly haven’t encountered a lot in my life. He dedicated himself to every attendee of the course as much as needed but still managed to be on track with the agenda of every course. He stayed after the course as much as needed to explain even the smallest and unimportant detail to people. Mehmed caught the attention of all 14 of the attendees for the whole duration of the class, and trust me that means something coming from a person with the attention span of 30 minutes max. The other part I throughout enjoyed is the practical application of the theory part in every course. Not a lot of courses have that practice and it certainly helps people understand the material they’re confronted with. The whole course is perfectly balanced between theory and practical application of the same. It is a beyond enjoyable sensation when you understand something seemingly complex for the first time, a true eureka moment. 

What do you think about Walter DOO? How do you like working ethics and atmosphere in the company?

When it comes to Walter DOO I could sit for days and write about things I like. But to put it in short they are one of the best companies in the Bosnian market when it comes to understanding things around them and the approach to people. I have meetings there every once in a while and every time I come I get greeted by happy and polite people. Let me repeat it again EVERY TIME I come I get greeted by HAPPY and POLITE people, and trust me it’s not just me. Walter understands how to do business right and how to treat employees right. The working ethic is exceptionally positive in my opinion since I have business contact with them too. Everything that was agreed upon was delivered as agreed, when agreed, and even improved based on the input of their professionals. But one thing that fascinates me the most after all this time is the humbleness of a company that has 100 employees. Walter is a company which one team is bigger than my whole company but they still approach everyone with a tremendous amount of respect and never put them above somebody. They never dismiss ideas but always try to analyze it and make something out of it. To conclude it Walter in my opinion is a company which should be a role model for at least 90% of companies in Bosnia with amazing working ethics and beyond enjoyable atmosphere inside. 

How can BIM knowledge help you in your future career?

My career path does not involve AEC work per se as I lean more towards abstract concepts such as ideas but BIM and the knowledge gained from the Walter Academy helped me understand how an AEC project is structured, operated, made, and executed. I now understand what BIM engineers are supposed to do, what the steps are and approximately how much time it takes for things to be done. Since my core skill set is project management I can be included in AEC projects made with BIM as a assistant project manager. Of course my knowledge is still not on the level that I can lead a project on my own. Furthermore the BIM knowledge I gained made me more interested and curious about it all and I definitely will enroll in the advance BIM courses to expand my knowledge and will also work on projects that support that development of knowledge. To put it in a short sentence the BIM knowledge expanded my area of interest when it comes to work and surely represents a valuable milestone in my personal/professional development.

Are you willing to implement BIM methodology in your company? In which ways BIM can lead to a better success of your company?

As previously mentioned I plan to develop my company in the direction of BIM project management and assist companies such as Walter in any way possible to deliver exceptional results. BIM is a world standard which can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. By my logic it’s always good to be amongst the first people in a specific market to implement global standards and operations. 

Please, check our website for more information on our company: www.walter.ba as well as Digital Elephants website: https://www.digitalelephants.net/

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