Partnership with MarketMakers Project

Walter Academy announces its partnership with the MarketMakers Project: Cutting the unemployment rate through the specific profession-related courses!

During the last week, Walter Academy signed a contract with the project MarketMakers that is supported by the Swiss Government. After very detailed negotiations, MarketMakers identified Walter Academy as one of the most promising initiatives that can contribute to the growth of the private sector and the creation of new job opportunities for young people, which is also the ultimate goal of the project.

MarketMakers is a project is and it’s being implemented since 2012. Project duration is eight and a half years and it’s divided into two phases. Project’s goal is to support solving the issue of sustainable and functional youth employment within four selected sectors: IT, agriculture, tourism and business process outsourcing services. More information about the project can be found on .

The newly opened Walter Academy is the right place for those who want to improve their engineering skills and make themselves professionally more competitive on the market. In addition to BIM courses and trainings for using Autodesk software, we also offer education in the field of IT, management, communication and similar. Walter Academy aims to enable young people all over the world to acquire knowledge that is in high demand at the world’s market and can easily be exported through the Internet using the method of outsourcing. Therefore, courses in the field of IT and BIM are most common in the diversifull offer of Walter Academy that is gradually being complemented day by day.

In cooperation with the MarketMakers project, Walter Academy will focus on the following:

1. Creation of a unique web platform for engineers

On this platform, engineers will be able to register for the chosen course from the offer, access online courses, get a lot of latest information from the world of engineering, apply for participation in numerous events organized by the academy, get information on currently open job positions related to their profession, create your professional profile that will be seen by a large number of companies from the region, etc.

2. Creation and promotion of the Guarantee Fund for unemployed participants at Walter Academy

Users of this guarantee fund will get the opportunity to pay 50% of the course price initially in order to reserve their place at the course they want to attend, while the other 50% of the price will need to be paid six months after the beginning of the course when they find employment.

3. Registration of the Autodesk Education and Certification Center

Walter Academy will become a registered Autodesk Education and Certification Center by the end of the year, and all our students will be able to become Autodesk Certified Professionals.

4. Building an Innovation Center for Engineers

During this joint initiative, the goal of both partners, MarketMakers and Walter Academy, is to build an innovation center for engineers that are interested to improve their professional qualities and the environment we live in. In the new premises of the Walter Academy, besides the space reserved for courses, there will also be space provided for various events, workshops, meetings, competitions etc.

We are sure that this will be a very successful project that will lead to a large number of new and better job opportunities. Join us and be a part of the movement.

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