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Walter academy certified Autodesk center offers innovative Revit and other courses based on BIM technologies and prepares students for international projects.

Professional Certification

After completion of each course offered at Walter Academy, students who passed the final exam get the Course Completion Certificate awarded by Walter Academy. Beside it, they can take some of the internationally recognized exams issued by credible global providers in order to get widely accepted certificate.

Online Learning Program

Aiming to improve our services, users' experience and satisfaction, we incorporated the system for online learning on the website, which gives our clients the opportunity to join our courses practically from their homes. There real-time online courses and prerecorded video lectures offered as a part of distance learning program.

Discount Offers

Regular discounts are issued periodically in order to make everyone able to access a professional knowledge. Moreover, there is special guarantee fund for unemployed persons and students in their last year of studies.

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